• Recording all Customers data with the suitable currency.
  • the system allows recording cash and credit invoices with date and time and the cashier.
  • the system can display the total cash or credit sales for any period of time for any cashier.
  • the ability to price items with most recent selling price to specific customer.
  • the sysstem automatically generates item issue document when saving sales invoice and generates item addition document when saving customer return invoice.
  • instantaneously update general accounts by generating ledger entries.
  • the ability to aduit the cash and check with the cashier at any period.
  • Possiblility to link any number of computers in a network and assign users wrights.
Target POS Consists Of
Target Point of Sale (POS) components and short details about each module for More Details and try Demo contact Us ...

  • Account Receivable System:
    • Using implementing and “Customer Display - Cash Drawer - Barcode Reader”.
    • Printing on different types of printers “Cashier Printer - Laser Printer - Dot Matrix Printer”.
    • Registration salesmen and follow up salesmen commission based on commission criteria.
    • Recording customer's sales orders and procurement orders.
    • Recording items serial number.
  • Account Payable System:
    • Recording cash bill and credit bill.
    • Following up vendors transactions and ability to find any transactions easily.
    • Possibility to add any extra discounts or extra fine.
    • The ability to record items serial number.
    • The ability to record items expiration date.
    • Calculation sales tax and commercial dividend tax
    • Recording purchases expenses and calculation purchases cost for items
  • Items and Inventory System:
    • Using Barcode Reader to record items serial numbers.
    • Handling any number of inventory items and services items.
    • Recording “Minimum Level - Recording Level - Maximum Level”.
    • Recording Items on hand quantities.
    • Compose a compound item and make receipes.
    • The system ability tp print the barcode labels.
  • The Banking System:
    • The system is follow-up checks “Deposit - collection - charging - recovery”.
    • System allows multiple fund and currencies.
    • The system auit works with the banks statements.
    • The system generates the appropriate journal entry of each “a check-cash cycle” transactions.
  • The General Ledger System:
    • Possibility od coding accounting chart up to “18 digit” for the account.
    • The user format the accounting chart through serveral levels of scalable and structural way.
    • The user assigns proper currency for account.
    • Registration of journal entries using multi currenies using currency exchange rate.
    • Extraction of the balance sheet and operation account and profit and loss account at any time of the year.
    • Getting balances at any time without posting the transacion.
    • Possibility of using multiple currencies in the same entry.
    • Generating journal transaction from two ways “Automatically from the system transaction - Manually from the special situation”
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