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    We Make


    Available For ALL

    our software has a power

    integration is our traditional

    we put your business at your fingerTips

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    You Don't Have To fly to The Cloud ,

    We Bring The Cloud To You

    easy update..easy upgrade

    your work from any where

    your system from any platform

    quick start and deployment of your business

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    we are tough enough

    what ever the complication of your system ,

    we have the easy solutions .


Our Services

Whatever your business..whatever your plateform, we have the optimum services

Desktop Systems

we use the most advanced technology tools and system analysis methodology to deliver a user friendly applications.

Web Design & development

we combine creative website design with efficient Web development technology to deliver attractive websites.

Cloud Services

Whatever the Complication of the cloud technology. We make it transparent to your business.

Our Solutions

we offer Ideal Solutions for automated Systems.

  • Target Handle Aviation Services

    an Integrated operational and Accounting System for Handling Aircraft Ground Services.

  • Target Charter Aviation

    an Integrated Operational and Accounting System for managing Charter Aircraft.

  • Target Pro ERP System

    designed to suit all trading and services companies.

  • Target PayRoll and Human Resources

    to Manage employees wages an insurance and income taxes.

  • Target Point of Sale (POS) System

    Advanced POS System to Manage the POS Accounting and Inventory.

  • Target Resturant System

    To Manage Resturants which includes integrated front-office and Back-office.

Why Us?..

Our Mission to make the most advanced automation technologies easy consumable by all.


User Friendly

Target Systems are easy and dosen't need any previous experience with software, computer or accounting rules.



We have five Layers of security

Based On

"Information is delivered according to need".



Target Systems are highly coherent and tightly Integrated

Based On

"Do it Once .. and Use it Many..".



Target System has tailored, upgradable and Smart Reminders

Based On

"Target take care of your Business Priorities".



Target System easy to be adapted to your needs and restrictions and your organization rules


"Customer Credit limit - Minimum Sale Price - Customer Discount Level...".



Target System has a friendly user manuals organized according to your needs.

Based On

"We put your system at your fingertips".


Any Place ... Any Device

Target System is a cloud Based System
Use the system from any place.
Use on any platform (Desktop,Mobile,Tablet,...).

Based On

"We bring the cloud to you".

Our Technologies

we make the most advanced technologies more easier for people .

Windows 10 , Welcome to a faster, more secure, and user-friendly way to do.

Windows Server 2016 has Security built-in at the start, Ready for the cloud when you are, Low storage costs, Enable application innovation and New cloud licensing benefits

Visual Studio 2017 An integrated, end-to-end solution for teams of any size with demanding quality and scale needs. Take advantage of comprehensive tools and services for designing, building and managing complex enterprise applications.

Sql Server 2016 accelerates mission-critical applications with a new in-memory online transaction processing (OLTP) engine that can deliver up to 30x transaction performance gains.

Empower your small business
SAP Crystal Reports
All the power of big-budget business intelligence

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We are happy to give advice.