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General Advantages

The most important characteristics of Target systems which designed by the Egyptian Computers Center

  • The first spoken help system it includes instructions and alerts, which help user to use the system easily.
  • Target components are highly integrated which allows using data that was recorded previously to save a lot of time and effort.
  • Target has many auditing tools were the system can audit every transaction added by the user and discover any mistakes and give alerts to the user by displaying the proper solution.
  • Target is an easy to use and it is users friendly so it doesn't need any previous experience with Software or computers or accounting rules.
  • Target uses the most powerful database systems (Sql Server 2000 – Sql Server 2005- Sql Server 2008).
  • Target uses the most powerful and advanced programming tools (Visual basic .net - Visual basic 6).
  • Target uses the most advanced and powerful reporting systems (Crystal report).
  • Reports can be exported to Microsoft office applications like (Ms Word – Ms Excel).
  • All transaction could be serialized.
  • No limit for transaction number.
  • Target can join between branches.
  • Target has elegant charts and graphics.
  • Target has Instant help screen supplied with sensitive character search.
  • Target could be integrated with other accounting systems (like payroll).
  • Target has multi security and authority levels to achieve the concept of knowledge according to needs.
  • Target has uses barcode reader.
  • Target has Flexibility in report selection criteria and sorting data.
  • Works under windows: (windows Xp – Windows NT – windows Vista – windows Server 2003- windows Server 2008).
  • Target is designed for single or multi user.
  • Target is multi currencies.
  • Target is bilingual System (Arabic – English).
  • Target is Easy to backup and database maintenance.
  • Target has Automatic Intelligent reminder provided with spoken feature to remind the accountant with a lot of tasks which have to be performed :
    • Follow-up and collection of the outstanding invoices.
    • Follow-up of the checks the required being deposits to banks for collection.
    • Follow-up of items should be reordered.
    • Follow-up of the items about to be expired
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